Sugar...the highs and lows

We hear so much in the media about sugar and that we should be careful of how much we consume, but what is it actually doing to our bodies? Why does it cause these addictive highs and what are the lows?!

When we consume sugar, it enters the body via the digestive system; here it then enters the blood stream and stimulates the production of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is basically a ‘vehicle’ for sugar (or better known as glucose), and transports it to our cells where it can be used for energy… this includes the brain as well as other muscles and organs.

If we are doing an activity that requires lots of energy, this is fine as it gets burnt up pretty quickly as the body is looking for energy. However, if we are not doing an energy demanding activity (sat at a desk etc.) this glucose is stored in the cells or is sent to liver where it is packaged as fat. This fat is then sent to the adipose cells where it is stored. So, if we are trying to watch our weight this isn’t very helpful!

The other downside to having constant highs of blood glucose means that the cells in our body become less responsive to this glucose and unable to use or store it. After a prolonged period of time this could lead to diabetes or other health implications. So why is this relevant to our granola I hear you asking?!? Well, our granola has been carefully formulated to be low in sugar yet totally delicious! Many products have hidden sugar that we wouldn’t necessarily know about, this includes many ‘healthy’ appearing breakfast cereals.

So, it’s time to call out these naughty hidden sugars and say no! We care about our bodies and our health! Let’s start the day the best way we can!

Jodie McGregor