Top tips for reducing waste

As we will be sharing our podcast with the wonderful Bishy Weigh (a zero waste store in York) tomorrow, we thought it would be good to share our top tips for reducing your waste.

There are a few simple tips for making a big difference to your every day living that will also have a big old impact on the planet. For us, it’s been a wonderful experience reducing our plastic waste; from getting to know the local green grocers to growing our own veggies, it’s a very rewarding process!

And yes, for the majority of us, we don’t have time to get dirt under our finger nails and grow our own veg (although I would recommend a pot of herbs on the window sill, still very satisfying), so I thought I would collate these easy steps for realistic changes.

  1. Carry a reusable water bottle - this is a really simple one and is also a cost effective one too. Most cafes will happily refill your bottle for you and there is a great scheme on the go called ‘Refill’. Their app will help you find refill stations in your local town or city!

  2. Keep your coffee mug in your bag - again a simple one and a lot of coffee shops offer discounts and rewards for using your own mug. There are some really beautiful mugs out and about, we particularly love Neon Kactus; their cups are made of glass so don’t absorb taste, odour or bacteria like many plastic or fibre ones do.

  3. Bag in a bag - always keep a reusable bag in your hand bag or work bag. I like little cotton ones that fold up nice and small but are always handy if I call at the shops on my way home from work.

  4. Buy in bulk - a lot of products can be bought in bigger quantities which instantly reduces the amount of ‘plastic per use’.

  5. If you eat meat or fish, take a container to the fishmongers or butchers - most are happy to pop your meat or fish into a clean container that you can reuse over and over again.

  6. Switch to soap bars - start with hand soap and body wash, making this small change will start to clear you bathroom of containers!

  7. Shop local - many local producers and shops use less packaging as the produce hasn’t travelled as far so doesn’t need the same protection as produce that has travelled across the globe.

  8. Track down a milk man - many milk men (or women!) still use glass bottle and work on a returns system so that they all get reused. If you’re feeling brave, you can even have a go at making your own yoghurt. Take a look at this recipe to get started!

Jodie McGregor