The single best thing you can do for your health...and it’s free!

We now live in a world where we have access to everything...information, images, YouTube tutorials, recipes, health advice... even other peoples lives! But the single best thing we can do for our physical and mental health is what we have had access to since the dawn of time...the great outdoors.

When was the last time you went on a walk? Not to the shops or to the train station, but an actual walk? Taking in every step, sight, smell and sound?

Did you notice that the buds are appearing on the trees? The wild garlic is ready to pick? The grass is starting to grow? And now you’re thinking, why so many questions? And rightly so, but when we question our actions, we can do something to better them!

Life is a busy old business and so often I hear from my personal training clients that next week will be better, they’ll have more time next week. More time to exercise, to make better food, to go outdoors but one week rolls into the next and suddenly we’re in a dark hole of stress, tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm for anything other than survival!

This is not living your ‘#bestlife’ (that thing that everyone on Instagram is doing, damn them!)

So, your best life can start right here and now, it has to! Time is too precious for anything other than maximum happiness and health. And now you’re thinking, “great, but how is the great outdoors going to solve anything?!”...because it’s where the magic happens! And here are my 3 reasons why...


1. Nature cannot lie - it is the ultimate embodiment of honesty and will ground you in a way that nothing else can. The birds sing when the weather is nice because it makes them happy...why do we not sing when the weather is nice, perhaps we ought to?! We are just too scared of what everyone might think! You can be who ever you like in front of nature, you don’t need makeup or fancy heels (in fact, good old Mother Nature would not appreciate any of those things when she decides to open the heavens and pour with rain!) and in the grand scheme of things, those material possessions are significantly lacking in purpose. Nature will tell you that.

2. It’s free to exercise in the great outdoors! No overpriced gym membership required...just the will to embrace the English weather! Whether you want to walk, run or roll out your yoga mat...anyone can exercise outside!

3. Fresh air = fresh outlook! The age old saying that associates the great outdoors with ‘blowing away the cobwebs’ is all too true. Being able to step out into a green space and see the world in its truest form will help you find perspective and gratitude. Whether work is stressing you out and you need to find a solution to an almighty problem, or quite simply people are p***ing you off…step outside…take a big breath and start walking…just make sure you come back!

So there you are, my three top reasons for embracing the great outdoors and why they will improve your health!

Jodie McGregor