Top tips for going ‘Plastic Free'


1 Containers – these are your new best friends. Whether glass, tin or reusable plastic, they are going to keep your food fresh and safe. I use them to store a variety of different foods and I try and keep one in my car at all times.

• Meat and fish from the local butcher / fish monger – We take clean containers to our local butcher and fish monger and get our meat and fish from them. Initially they seemed a little confused by what we were doing but now they know us and our containers they are more than happy to help! Supporting the local economy and reducing our food miles is really important to us; you may pay a little more for certain things but we have opted for less meat, just better quality, higher welfare and locally sourced.

• Scoop and weigh stores – until we went plastic free, I thought these were something from ‘the olden days’ that were now nearly extinct! How wrong I was…these stores are caves of goodies that are key for survival. Oats, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds and much more, all in large quantities and often much better value than those in supermarkets. Take your tub and see what you find (you might even find some of our granola, check out our stockists to see if we supply any near you!)

• Frozen fruit and veg – you might find some veg that may not be in season in the freezer section of your local farm shop. I take my tubs to fill them with frozen berries and frozen peas to keep us going when they aren’t available as fresh produce.

2. Plan ahead – knowing what you need for the week ahead will help avoid being caught out and forced to buy food that comes wrapped in plastic.

3. Make your own – sounds simple right? Well it is! So many things we buy can actually be made at home and stored or frozen for a later date. I was unsure about making my yoghurt but it’s so simple and easy! Other things like bread, wraps and even body cream can be made at home…be brave and give it a go!

4. Think seasonally – if you go into a local grocery store or farm shop, they often have veg that is in season. Initially you might feel you are missing out, but think about embracing the fruit or veggies that are available! They are at their best, they’ve travelled minimal miles and are what your body will enjoy…think butternut squash for hearty winter soups, fresh salad leaves for light spring meals and sweet strawberries for those summer snacks.

5. Get growing – even in the smallest of gardens and kitchen windowsills, there is the opportunity to grow some crunchy salad leaves or fragrant herbs…we love picking our own lettuce and the smell of freshly picked herbs is unbeatable!

6. Reusable mugs and water bottles – We spend a lot of time out and about and now everywhere we go…our reusable mugs go too! Many coffee shops offer discount on your coffee when you use your own take out mug and are also pretty happy to fill your water bottle up too. We love our aluminium water bottle and recently purchased  a glass coffee cup from Neon Cactus, but there are so many different options, so see what you can find!

I hope you’ve found that useful and fancy giving one or more a go! 

Jodie McGregor