Our journey to plastic free


As you might have gathered, the environment means a lot to us here at Perfect Provender. We love getting out and about in ‘the wild’, and why wouldn’t you, there is so much to be grateful for out there. So when it became apparent to us how damaging plastic is to the great outdoors and the animals that live in it, we decided to have a go at cutting down. 

New Years resolutions aren’t really our thing, but in January 2018 we decided to set a ‘challenge’. A challenge to do all of our food shopping plastic free for just one week.

Before I set off on my first shop I did a little research and made a list of shops I thought would be my best bet for getting started. These included a mixture of local farm shops, grocery shops, a butcher and a bakery (sounds like something from a delightful article from country living, perhaps why it was so enjoyable!)

The first shopping trip was without a doubt a success and I was thrilled with how on board all of the shops were. I was able to get fresh veg (lots of winter veggies from the local farm shops), bread, dried goods (rice, oats, nuts and seeds) as well as a few tinned essentials. Within the next few weeks I tracked down a milkman that sold in glass bottles, learnt how to make yoghurt (from my old food tech teacher!) and made friends with the local independent shops which was the most rewarding part of all! 

It was a revolutionary experience for us, not only did we have pretty much no rubbish to put out for the bin men (just a few bits for the compost heap and the recycling box), but it changed our approach to how we consume. By avoiding supermarkets and connecting with local suppliers and growers we really started to appreciate where our food was coming from. Having grown up in the rural Yorkshire Dales, I feel like I’ve always had a pretty good understanding of food and its origin, but going to more effort to support these local businesses put us firmly in touch with our food. 

A lot of people questioned was it more expensive to shop this way? And surprisingly no, it wasn’t! Again, by avoiding supermarkets I wasn’t drawn to buying products we didn’t actually need and was therefore able to spend a little more on ‘real’ food. 

This was also the time we started to reduce our meat consumption. Going back to cost, I wanted to buy good quality, responsibly farmed produce so we decided to seriously cut back on our meat so that any we did eat, we knew where it came from and how it was produced. 

A year and a half on, we’re still shopping plastic free as much as possible and still loving it! 

It’s one of the reasons I started Perfect Provender, I couldn’t get my hands on granola that wasn’t in plastic and I wanted a low sugar one. Of course I’d been making my own, this is where my recipe came from, but I decided I needed to share this with others! I’m proud to say our packaging is 100% biodegradable and we’re working hard to develop a way of using any plastic waste from receiving ingredients to really do our bit! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our plastic free journey and keep your eyes peeled for our next blog with tips for reducing your plastic waste! 

Jodie X

Jodie McGregor